ARCHITECTURE / A theater with a hundred curtains

Competition – Unbuilt
Xinzhu (Taiwan)
Transformation of an existing
concrete sports field into a theater.

Is the curtain a defining element of the Theater?

A limit in space that opens, to let a story come in,
and then closes: the story disappears and the audience leaves with a new memory.

What kind of depth can we give to the limit of the curtain?
If there are a hundred different plays in a theater, could there be a hundred curtains?

Sections 2.jpg


Unfoldable places

Kid curtain 1.jpg

Curtains to form places everyone can fold and unfold:
you, me,
or the actors themselves…

Kid curtain 2.jpg

Appearing within seconds,
like a castle under a child’s blanket.

Kid curtain 3.jpg

Places waving, wrinkling, changing,

limited in space but never in time.

Places without end,


large view 1.jpg

plan view.jpg

…Gigantic and tiny.

Especially tiny, I hope…


…tiny enough we could almost touch

the stories happening within.

inside story.jpg

diagram web.jpg


Portable places

Performers could detach the curtains and bring them outside,

along with their plays,

as parts of a theater that expands into Hsinchu city:

to the parks,

huchenghe riversidepark nb 2.jpg

to the living arts center nearby,


living arts school nb.jpg

to the night markets,

night market 3 nb.jpg

…or simply on the facade of the theater itself.



Places of memory

The curtains are customized theater sets
that can be brought in by the performer themselves,
made of various materials, images and patterns.

And once the show is over we will forget to remove them,
and they will eventually form the fabric of an unique memory,
the memory of a theater and all the stories that happened within.


Sections 2.jpg


section 1a.jpg

section 1b.jpg

section 1c.jpg

section 1d.jpg